Eisa エイサー

by Hernán Arias Tamashiro Everytime we have a chance to enjoy other groups playing their drums to beautiful, catchy tunes on such a colorful atmosphere, we, as part of the audience, cannot help but to let ourselves go and give in to tears or to jump on our chairs while dancing or screaming IA SASAA (even if many of those times we don’t really know … Continue reading Eisa エイサー

Why Hachijo-jima?

by Yuta Kato November, 2001 Coming back to my tiny dorm room in Tokyo, I receive a phone call from a taiko friend that lives in New York, Hideaki.  The conversation goes something like this, “Hey Yuta! Hitomi and I are visiting Japan for a bit. We’re planning on going to Hachijo since we made friends with some of the folks there, you wanna come?” … Continue reading Why Hachijo-jima?