Asano Taiko US & Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI)

About the opening of ASANO TAIKO U.S. by Katsuji Asano (November 14th, 2013) . Ever since I was a child, I grew up admiring my father’s figure as much as my mother’s, who supported him throughout. Surrounded by taikos as if it was a natural thing, I grew up listening to its sound; the workplace had become my playground. Back at home, visitors would come … Continue reading Asano Taiko US & Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI)

Brazilian Taiko Championship

The boom of Brazilian taiko started in 2002. Since then, the number of taiko groups kept growing. Not only the amount of groups and players but their technical level also has grown. I think that the “Brazilian Taiko Championship” (BTC) played a huge role in that evolution. The 1st BTC took place in São Paulo in 2004 with more than 20 groups involved and just … Continue reading Brazilian Taiko Championship

2011 North American Taiko Conference

This year, over 800 taiko players from all over the United States, Canada, Japan, South America and the United Kingdom enjoyed over 48 workshops, two concerts, various jam sessions, lectures and panel discussions that took place on the campus of Stanford University.  Due to the great diversity of activities, I imagine that most participants at this year’s conference had a wide variety of experiences.  What … Continue reading 2011 North American Taiko Conference

“Miyake” & Kodo’s Continued Arrangement of Regional Drumming Styles

In 1970, the groundbreaking wadaiko group Ondekoza was founded as a means to raised funds in order to “create an artist’s village where people can learn about Japan’s folk performance arts and industrial arts” (Kodo Cultural Foundation 2011, 37). Performers learned music performance techniques and received dance and movement instruction from Japanese classical (hōgaku) musicians, but they also learned regional musical and dance styles from … Continue reading “Miyake” & Kodo’s Continued Arrangement of Regional Drumming Styles

Daihachi Oguchi 小口大八 (1924-2008)

Daihachi Oguchi had invented Kumi-daiko; the style of assembly taiko drums or group drumming, in 1951. But, what do we know about Daihachi Oguchi? Daihachi Oguchi was born on February 27, 1924, in Okaya City (Nagano Prefecture, Japan). He studied percussion of rock and jazz in 1941. Although during the Second World War he was conscripted and sent to China, where he was taken prisoner. … Continue reading Daihachi Oguchi 小口大八 (1924-2008)